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This post is running late due to my weekend being consumed by Supanova XD

1. This Philosoraptor T-Shirt is the best t-shirt I’ve seen in a long time. It’s AMAZING! Via Wil Wheaton on twitter.

2. A friend directed me to The Future Shock after a discussion about flash mobbing and pranks. The Future Shock is pretty much the coolest and most in-depth prank/performance art I’ve seen to date.

3. An amazing video of The Greatest Freak Out Ever which happens after a boy’s mother cancels his World of Warcraft account. Two words: psychological help. Via Layer01.

4. Recently, I was making banana bread so I often I was getting bored. This delicious Pumpkin Loaf is a great alternative if you feel the need to mix things up.

5. I want this Mid-Century Modern Furniture Poster by James Provost! It’s only US$10 from here.


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Much Love for Lou Rawls

I just love the sounds of Lou Rawls, and I swear if I had a GPS I would want it to croon directions to me in his sweet, sweet voice.

I thought I couldn’t possibly love this dude anymore and then I found this:

Now for some non-muppets actual singing:

St James Infirmary, a personal favourite

World of Trouble

I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water

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This is one super golden Rick Roll. As the caption says “Even the scientologists get ‘Rick Rolled’.”

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Wondermark is so awesome I demand it in print! This is taking far too long to make its way to the shelves of my local comic store!

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So apparently The Guild partly inspired Dr. Horrible by being a successful online show. It also stars Felicia Day who plays Penny in Dr. Horrible. She writes the show too, what a kick ass gal.

I watched it all last night and I want more and the DVD!

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If you aren’t in on this you are plum crazy!

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Kate Beaton. You freaking genius.

and I will leave my cravat on

and I will leave my cravat on

Here is the original livejournal entry.

Also THIS. I lol’d. A thousand times I lol’d.

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