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1. Miami based singer/songwriter Rachel Goodrich.

2. Blog post on breaking bad habits in photoshop. I need this. I am guilty of all!

3. Easy Bean & Spinach Korma recipe. I substituted mushrooms in place of the capsicum because I didn’t have any, added white quinoa and used frozen spinach, and the result was very successful, also tasty.

4. I cannot express what a gem Mr Spock’s Music from Outer Space is! Seriously, this the soundtrack to my 1960s space adventure fantasy. Found via ontd_startrek.

5. A badass squid hat by WonderlandCreation on etsy.


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For Valentine’s, originally uploaded by stopsign.

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I found this while browsing the Craft: Blog. A Spider-man Sock Monkey made by SeeMellySew on crafstser. Here is her blog and etsy shop.
I heart this so much, I want to see other superhero sock monkeys on the scene.

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News Knitter

newsknitter-ars07-13, originally uploaded by mahirmyavuz.

Data visualization knitted into jumpers! Sveeeet.

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Pixel Magnet Stationary, originally uploaded by alicebluebonnet.

I made a whole set of these fellas on the weekend to brighten up my fridge. The super cute art is from here.

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The only magnets I have on my fridge are the free ones I get in the mail from plumbing companies. I NEED to make some of these.

I even have some shrinky film lying around the place somewhere…

Found on VerbalSpew

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