Too cool. Everything about this is too damn cool!

Found via DustForEyes via Nerd Fellowship.


This is freaking fantastic.

Check out the accompanying Eternal Summer Samurai Jack custom, and the rest of Cris Rose’s work over on zeee flickr.

Wolverine Origins Trailer

I’m a bit excited about this for the following reasons (a) Wolverine is pretty bad-ass and (b) judging from the trailer there is an extended fight scene in which Hugh Jackman is pretty much in the nudie.

The Loose Marbles

For Valentine’s, originally uploaded by stopsign.

Choco Cat?, originally uploaded by traoki.

Blogger/Author/Designer La Carmina has started a blog to compliment her upcoming cookbook Cute Yummy Time. My Super Mario Cupcakes were featured recently, along with a stack of other really cute food like the cupcake above. I’ll definitely be checking out this cookbook when it’s released in November!

Royal/T Cafe Servers, originally uploaded by no_onions.

Recently I read an article on the Geek Monthly blog about Royal/T Cafe, the first maid cafe to open in America. I find this fun but also creepy. I feel divided. I enjoy the fantasy element and like the idea that this is an art space/cafe, however there is something icky about the maid outfits when I think about the crazy otaku obsession with maids and in general subservient women. I think I would probably hit this place if I lived in California, especially since they serve high tea. Though personally, I want a cafe where all the waitstaff are dressed as Indiana Jones and serve me food with whips, teppanyaki style.