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Chocolate Beetroot Brownies, originally uploaded by dichohecho.

Recently I heard of chocolate and zucchini cake, which piqued my interest right up until I heard about chocolate and beetroot cake!
I made some chocolate and Guiness cupcakes not too long ago and they were super rich and delicious so I’m looking forward to trying this! I’m researching recipes at the moment. I’ve found quite a few different variations; gluten and lactose free, vegan, with a dash of rum and pecans/macadamias, with delicious frosting, using tinned beets (most of the others use fresh), meringue cake, and the list goes on.


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Four Cheese Pizza

Four Cheese Pizza, originally uploaded by alicebluebonnet.

Mmm mmm. Due to my flatmate being a cheesomaniac (Hi Kylie!) we just happened to have 4 types of cheese (well 5 if you count the cream cheese)  in the fridge. So I did the obvious and made a pizza.

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