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Chocolate Stout Cupcakes, originally uploaded by alicebluebonnet.

Made these a little while ago from this recipe. The Guiness makes the cupcakes deliciously rich and dense, almost like a brownie! Great recipe. The only problem was I had almost double the icing I needed left over from what this recipe recommended. So I was…forced… to make some spiced pumpkin cupcakes using this recipe to go with the spare icing.


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Lamington Cupcakes

Lamington Cupcake, originally uploaded by alicebluebonnet.

I made some Lamington cupcakes for a Canadian guest we had stay for the Sydney Swing Festival. Yum.

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Man, I wish I could get in on this action.

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Colourful Cupcakes

I made these a week or so ago. Photographed on my new bedspread. nom nom.

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Glass Cupcakes!

Found these delicious looking glass cupcakes while browsing flickr. If only my digestive system could process glass shards without the result being death.

Looks like Hulet Glass also make glass chocolates.

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To continue my new found fondant icing obsession I made some chocolate Super Mario cupcakes based on the mushrooms in the various games. Check out more pictures on my new Flickr! Om nom nom nom.

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