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Gladiators, are you ready?!

A valid question is it not?

I’m pretty excited about the return of Gladiators to TV. Excited to the point that I bought a newspaper just for the free glossy poster to put in my kitchen, so I can contemplate my favourite Gladiator while baking muffins. Pictured above are two of the more fortunately named Gladiators, Outlaw and Nitro. Outlaw’s tagline is particularly enjoyable, “There’s just one law – the Outlaw.” Sort of makes me want to scowl while nodding in a way that says “I’m the law round these parts and I say nay! to Gladiator aliases like Destiny, Angel and Nomad that lack the old time conviction of names like Cougar, Taipan and Fury. Grrrrrrr.


Gladiators Zone has info on the past and present show so you can compare the perms 0f 1995 to the porn star pouts of 2008. Also, I feel I should document here that I was a huge fan of Tornado when I was 12. Not sure if it was those tri-coloured sweat bands or that patently ninties swept back hairstyle that did it for me.

The Official 2008 Gladiators Site is where you can get your hands on some sweet wallpapers. Thumbs up!

Some golden individual has decided to start a blog dedicated to the new show. I applaud thou. Here here!

Finally here is a fun and fan-made game, American Gladiator or Porn Star?


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