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Oh oh oh Wade Robson. You do things to me. Very very good things.

My favourite routine from Season 3 of So You Think You Can Dance was by Wade and literally gives me shivers every time I watch it. Though his routine to Busta Rhymes and Zombie dancing to Roison Murphy are off the awesome scale. This man is a magician.


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I love youtube because I can get original footage of routines like the Tranky Doo (a routine which I am planning to perform at a ball in a weeks time). Here is an awesome performance by Jojo & Dax. I was fortunate enough to learn the Tranky from Jojo while she was in Australia, though my memory of the end is a bit fuzzy.

And now…for a routine from So You Think You Can Dance, a show to which I am addicted:

I really dig this routine, I like the song and the sentiment of yearning for each other. Also, the dancers are Gev, a break dancer, and Chelsie, a ballroom dancer, and they do a sweet job of contemporary.

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