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Absolutely everyword I have read/heard about ROFLcon makes me wish I had been able to attend.

ROFLcon 2008

This blog entry by Jason Scott, a speaker at ROFLcon, says some lovely things. A favourite passage of mine being the following:

First of all, there was a real vital sense of fun and joy throughout the event. It wasn’t “for” anything; not selling a product, introducing a new technology, forcing a hipness down our throats until we were dazed enough to sign up for whatever it was we needed to sign up for. It just was, like assembling a huge party of cool and smart people and just letting them go. I’ve been told the SXSW conference is like this, but SXSW sells stuff: bands, movies, books, products, technology. This just was, a celebration of people who spend time online walking around and basking in the joy of communication.

Additionally there was a list nearing one score long of internet celebrities there that I have crushed or am still crushin’ on. I’m unsure if I would’ve been able to keep my pants from exploding. Aside from that the list of talks that were given is 100% excellent!
So in conclusion. ROFLcon. THE BEST and now a very prominent item on my to do list.


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